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Steak Royal Spices

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WARNING: MAY CAUSE SEVERE ADDICTION! Variations of steak spices are probably the most common blends out there in the market. Nonetheless, this ZERO-COMPROMISE blend is exquisite, versatile, but beyond it all, natural, non-GMO, MSG-FREE, sugar-free and containing a fraction of the salt found in other blends in the market. Why? BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO EAT CLEAN! A definite staff-favourite, the Royal Steak Spice is for real steak lovers that don’t want to compromise on health, and portrays a bold, spicy and sweet aroma delivering extraordinary taste. Add olive oil, rub and grill away for a steak worthy of royalty!


Onion, garlic, black pepper, salt (14%), coriander, paprika, red hot chili, cinnamon.


100g per jar. 

Shelf life & Storage

2 years. Store in dry, cool location away from direct [sun]light exposure. Lengthy exposure to direct light may cause a natural discoloration. Clumping may occur when exposed to air or humidity and is a natural process. Simply break with your fingers or a spoon. Anti-caking or chemical products are not used to avoid the latter.