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Sidamo Layo Teraga coffee-94 Celcius
94 Celcius

Sidamo Layo Teraga Specialty Coffee

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A coffee with surprising aromas of strawberries accompanied by beautiful fruity notes reminiscent of watermelon and grapes. The flavours are long in the mouth to finish on the nice acidity of a lime! An ideal coffee to enjoy on a terrace under the spring sun.

This coffee comes from the Layo Teraga cooperative in Sidamo (Ethiopia) in the Guji subregion. The cooperative plays an important role in providing financial assistance to women in the region. It offers them loan and financing services. In addition, it accompanies them in the creation of their project to obtain alternative income in order to support their families. Moreover, the cooperative has been implementing for some years now development projects for the education of its members’ children. More than 30,000 people benefit from Layo Teraga's help.

This coffee grows in more arid conditions than the classic Yirgacheffe. COOP members opted to plant many trees to shade their coffee plantation. It is a coffee with a beautiful complexity and depth in its flavours.

Region: Guji
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 1900m - 2200m
Process: Natural




340 g.

Shelf life & Storage

Once roasted, the flavours are at their best for a duration of 2 months and must be consumed one year after roasting.

* In order to offer you a fresh coffee, orders are expedited every Tuesday following your purchase.

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