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pack of 3 tart cherry snacks croque cerise
Croque Cerise

Pack of 3 Flavours Dried Tart Cherries

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For a quick snack and a delicious treat, this pack of 3 different flavours dried tart cherries is perfect on the go. Whether covered with yogurt, with dark chocolate or simply on their own, dried cherries will seduce your taste buds.


Dried Tart Cherries: Tart cherries, sugar, sunflower oil.
Dried Tart Cherries covered with Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate 72% cocoa (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, soya lecithin (emulsifier)), cherries, sugar, sunflower oil, confectionner’s glaze.
Yogurt covered Dried Tart Cherries: Yogurt coating (sugar, partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, non fat milk powder, artificial colour (titanium dioxide), lactic acid lecithin (an emulsifier), vanillin), dried cherries (cherries, sugar, sunflower oil), certified confectionner’s glaze.


120 g each.

Shelf life & Storage

Can be kept 1 year after production date. Keep in the fridge for 6 months after opening.

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