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Oomph Apple Pie Popcorn Seasoning

Natural Apple Pie Popcorn Seasoning

Regular price $8.99

100% natural and as delicious as it is unusual! Made with Quebec apples and cinnamon, this seasoning will surprise you with its sweet and delicate taste. Make your popcorn a gourmet snack that can even replace your dessert! Do not feel like popcorn? Try it on a pancake or French toast, mixed with syrup. It will enhance the taste of your breakfast with the flavour of apples.


Sugar, milk powder (milk), powdered sugar, dehydrated apples, cinnamon, vanilla pod.


100 g.

Shelf life & Storage

Keep the product dry and away from light. Do not refrigerate. If pieces are forming, loosen them gently with a fork. Shelf life of 2 years after purchase.

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