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bepop mucho nacho popcorn gift box
bepOp popcorn

Mucho Nacho Popcorn Gift Box

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An eco-friendly, cute gift box with everything you need to make delicious hot and fresh vegan popcorn, in just a few minutes: organic, GMO free kernels, coconut oil and mucho nacho seasoning. 

Enough to make a bowl of popcorn with a Tex-Mex inspired, slightly spicy seasoning.

  • 1 bag of kernels
  • 1 bag of coconut oil blend
  • 1 bag of mucho nacho blend seasoning
  • Step by step instructions for a perfect popcorn    

Organic popcorn grown in Quebec, blend of organic coconut oil, yeast, chili, salt, garlic, paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper.
May have been in contact with: soy, sesame, nuts and peanuts.    

1 bag of 130 g.
One kit gives approximately 2 L. (8 cups) of popcorn.

Shelf Life & Storage
The kit can be kept for one year.
Once the popcorn is done, if you’re able to resist from eating it all, the popcorn can be kept for a few days, preferably in a sealed container.   



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