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Mocha Chocolate Crunch Granola

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A sweeter granola flavour, without dairy products, with dark chocolate and a rich espresso. The mocha and chocolate crunch will delight the taste buds of coffee lovers with this perfect combination of chocolate and coffee. Excellent to get you going gently in the morning.


Rolled oats*, coconut palm sugar*, almonds*, organic 70% dark chocolate chips (organic cocoa liquor, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic natural cocoa powder, organic tapioca maltodectrin de-10)*, fine dessicated coconut*, quinoa flakes*, filtered water, pumpkin seeds*, flax seeds*, coconut oil*, cocoa powder, espresso, puffed quinoa*, vanilla extract, cinnamon, salt.


Available in bags of 300 g. or 70 g.

Shelf life & Storage

12 months. 

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