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Matcha Tea

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This matcha tea is a premium, high quality matcha with no sugar added nor additives; it is 100% natural and pure. It is harvested in the Uji region, near Kyoto, a region known for its best teas in the world. The tea leaves are grown under the shade for a mellow and delicious flavour as well as a strong concentration of antioxydants. Its vibrant green colour reflects its high quality. This mouth filling experience is a perfect balance between herbaceous and sweet. 

Matcha latte recipe is printed behind every bag. 

This matcha will make for excellent green tea lattes and add a refined touch to recipes.


100 % matcha


40 g. makes 40 cups.

Shelf life & Storage

Can be stored 1 year on the shelf or in the freezer.

Once opened, it can last 1 year away from air and light.

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