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thé du labrador vinaigrette lokkö

La THÉ DU LABRADOR ... The Versatile

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Famous mixture of red onions and leeks that recalls the flavour of caramelized onions. You will do justice to all your fish by cooking them in foil with a few spoonfuls of this delicious dressing. Mixed with dry shallots, freshly roasted sunflower seeds, Dijon mustard and a few drops of Tabasco, your dressing becomes a sublime tartar sauce for beef and salmon. It will become an essential to enhance your legume salad. It is preservative free.


White vinegar, canola oil, white sugar, leek, red onion, salt, dried Labrador tea.


475 g.

Shelf life & Storage

2 years before opening in the pantry and up to 5 months in the fridge after opening.

Gluten free
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