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La Kombu ... The Most Tart

La Kombu ... The Most Tart

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Concocted from a delicious veggie blend, this vinaigrette features the Kombu seaweed from Gaspesie. The secret for your shellfish is Lökkö! Its level of acidity is higher than the other vinaigrettes which blend perfectly with your favourite seafood and fish. Mixed with mayonnaise, green onions and pepper, kombu seaweed will season shrimps, crab or lobster on a good toast. Its iodized taste will make your taste buds travel to the seaside and even to Asia. Perfect for wow effect on rice vermicelli or rice, it’s great for Asian pork and chicken stir-fries. A perfect opportunity to discover Quebec’s seaweed. It is preservative free.


White vinegar, canola oil, white sugar, carrot, leek, red pepper, green jalapeno, salt, Quebec Kombu seaweed.


475 g.

Shelf Life & Storage

2 years before opening in the pantry and up to 5 months in the fridge after opening.

Gluten free
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