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Cotton Dish Linen – The Canadienne Cow

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The Canadienne cow cotton dish linen is made in Canada, with 100% premium cotton, 240 threads per square inch. The printing technique (screen printing) and the type of ink used ensure an integration of the image with the fibers of the fabric, in order to keep intact its absorbing qualities. This linen Quelle Histoire! is absorbent and resistant. It can also be used as a decoration in a frame and is perfect as a hostess, wedding or a client gift.

The Canadienne cow was the very first cow to arrive from New France in 1608 and was once the most popular breed in the province, with 300,000 heads. Originating from northern France, these cows had amazing black coats, with pale fawn muzzles and udders, making them quite different from the black and white Holsteins that we see today. When the Canadienne cows first arrived, many of them died from the cold, with those remaining forming a hardier breed that offered abundant meat and milk high in protein and fat, perfect for making cheese. Unfortunately, with the advent of industrialization, farmers preferred specialty cows, which produced larger volumes of either milk or meat. Today there are only 200 purebred Canadienne cows in existence. However, production has started again, and four different cheeses are now made from its milk. Like the Chantecler chicken and the Canadian horse, this cow was granted heritage status and has been protected by a Québec law since 1999.

Artist/Graphic Designer: Daniel Robitaille

Materials & Colours

100% Cotton Linen • 240 threads per inch. Sold with English translation.


Size of the linen: 43 x 75 cm | Size of the image: 29 x 39 cm.


Wash with light colours, do not bleach, tumble dry low.