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Kolla Bolcha Specialty Coffee

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Kaito got this coffee with one of their awesome importers, Red Fox Coffee Merchants. They’ve been working with them for a while now and they really appreciate their experience working in origins like Ethiopia. They have a lot of talent on their team and they are experts at finding and importing amazing coffees and building sustainable relationships with producers. Agaro (Jimma) is a region in which they’ve built long standing relationships with washing stations such as Duromina and Yukro. Kolla Bolcha is a new one, so they’re really excited to be featuring it. Its tasting notes are watermelon, mango and honey.

Red Collection – Exotic and Unique
Coffees in Kaito’s Red Collection are like fireworks. Expect a unique, exotic taste experience. Perfect for people looking for wondrous, and sometimes curious coffees.

Origin: Ethiopia

Farm: Smallholders, Kolla Bolcha

Region: Agaro, Jimma Zone

Plant variety: Various heirloom Ethiopian varieties

Plantation altitude: 1900-2200 meters

Processing method: Fully washed




340 g.

Shelf life & Storage

Coffees are best enjoyed within 2 months from roast date, which is indicated on the bottom of each bag.

In order to offer you a fresh coffee, orders are expedited every Wednesday following your purchase.

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