Meet Our Team

We love good food. We enjoy tasting new things. We appreciate beautiful design and art de vivre. We fall in love with what is unique.

We love to have fun. We value life. We care for balance. We aspire for a happy lifestyle.

Carolina Aragao Safi & Lara Osseiran

We believe that food connects people, and design creates beautiful environments. Combined with living responsibly, it cultivates a more human and positive lifestyle.

It all started with our passion for discovering our rich local terroir and connecting with the many talented creators surrounding us, as well as our desire to promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

We connected all the dots and that’s how we designed TasteBuds Boutique’s mission. We want to celebrate local culinary artisans and designers. We want to inspire people to live positively and sustainably by choosing local products first, and helping reduce our environmental footprint.

We aspire to bring to you local talent and make it accessible every day. But we also want you to get to know these great women and men who work relentlessly to create unique products that we hope will bring you as many positive vibes as they bring to us.

You can discover their stories on our blog as well as the many other inspirations we, and the people supporting us, share.

So join us on our journey towards a positive lifestyle.

Lara & Carolina