Meet Our Team

Carolina Aragao Safi & Lara Osseiran

We are two long-time friends, two moms who want to help shape a better, simpler, more sustainable world by enjoying the beautiful and good things in life.

It is by discovering local artisans, using their creations in our daily lives that we realized the impact of consuming local and the feeling of well-being that results from it.

Consuming better but less, incorporating local products into our daily lives, thinking about the good of our planet makes a whole difference. And this positive experience is what we want to share; we want it to become contagious and make you adopt a more local and sustainable way of life.

That's why we created TasteBuds Boutique, to help you discover local talent and make it accessible on a daily basis. But also to inspire you to surround yourself with what you enjoy, to design beautiful spaces, to find joy everyday by creating simple, sweet and meaningful moments while having a more sustainable lifestyle. 

And these discoveries are ones of food and art de vivre. Here, everything revolves around the kitchen, which for us is the heart and soul of a home. 

We hope to make you discover the talent and stories of local artisans, and adopt their creations, everyday.

Lara and Carolina X♡