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Karine Verpillot

Karine, a 45-year-old little girl, a woman, a lover, a mother, a naturopath, a playful executive assistant, a culinary expert at Foodlavie, always associating gourmet and vegetal health, a well-being and culinary blogger, with her blog site In short, like all of us, a unique combination!

The important thing is to remember that this little piece of unknown woman is in love with life! Eat to create oneself with Karine is to create the extraORdinary with the ORdinary! And it is non-negotiable in our daily life.

Combining health, gluttony, the pleasure of enjoying and learning every day, music, silence, and simplicity in all my choices. Accompanying families, parents and their friends, and also their children to create a simple eating routine by optimizing everyone's health! Integrating moments of pleasure around cooking, in the kitchen and discovering or rediscovering the pleasure of cooking with Simplicity, health, Flavours. Planting seeds one food at a time for life!


Karine Desserre-Pezé - 1,2, cuisine!Karine Desserre-Pezé
1, 2, cuisine!

Karine is passionate about cooking with children, mom of Clément, 13 years old and Camille, 11 years old.

The kitchen, a family affair!
Scientific studies have proved it: cooking and involving our children in the preparation of meals, from a young age, offers the whole family a chance to eat better. It is in the perspective of encouraging parents to take action that I launched the 1, 2, 3… je cuisine! website that I co-animate with my children.

I like to cook, because I find pleasure in variety, I like discovering new flavours, satisfying and passing on the pleasure of to my greedy tribe.  But... I refuse to spend my life in the kitchen, I run away from too many dishes, and I feel guilty when I throw food... So, inevitably, it requires creativity and finding stuff to be efficient.

1, 2, 3… je cuisine!, we leave aside morals and guilt. Instead, you can find simple, fast and gourmet recipes to prepare for everyday life, tips for saving time in the kitchen, for preparing the lunch box and cooking with your children, from an early age!

Karine in a nutshell

Your favorite dish?
Difficult: I love just about everything! As I hate routine, I'm pretty adventurous ... My Japanese Tofu recipe is the # 1 recipe in the family.

Your favorite dessert?
Without hesitation, a chocolate recipe! I am very greedy ☺. Our  intense chocolate cake is our favorite: we make it for all celebrations!

Your first memory of cooking?
When my grandmother gave me the book La Cuisine, is a game for children by Michel Oliver and we prepared our first recipe together: pork ribs with apples ... I remember as if it was yesterday! 

Your highlight of family cooking?
When my children proudly enjoy their preparations. They have stars in their eyes! And when they take the initiative to prepare a salad or biscuits: nice to put your feet under the table from time to time.

Frédérique Lissoir Propulsio

Frédérique Lissoir
Partner & Co-founder
Propulsio Conseillers d'affaires 360°

Propulsio 360° is a one-stop shop for all business needs offering both legal and business consulting services! We are called upon to offer our highly personalized services to both startups and well-established businesses in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

A few words about the authors:

Frédérique Lissoir is a partner and co-founder of Propulsio 360° and specializes in business law and consulting for start-ups and SMEs. In addition, as Vice-President of Regional Development for Entrepreneurship in the Regroupement des Jeunes Chambres de Commerce du Québec (RJCCQ), Frédérique has the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs from across the country and to advocate on issues which concern them. She recently co-authored a report on takeover in Quebec and will be leading a large-scale activity with several members of the Caravane Régionale de l’Entrepreneuriat (CRE) to establish and foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout Quebec. In addition, Frédérique will act as Canada's delegate to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance in Berlin in June 2017. Her knowledge of fields such as agribusiness, technology and retail make her a forward-thinking lawyer and a great promoter of innovation.

Miakim Gervais-Henripin has a Bachelor in law (LL.B.) and a Major in English Studies. She has a vivid interest in research and writing articles in law as well as a variety of other fields. Not too long ago, she co-wrote an article for the law blog Faits et causes. She also writes articles and posts for blogs and business web pages.