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about TasteBuds boutique

TasteBuds Boutique is a lifestyle destination that offers a selection of gourmet products and quality objects made by local creators across Canada. 

TasteBuds Boutique was created from the desire to help shape a better, simpler, more sustainable world by enjoying the beautiful and good things in life.

Consuming better but less, incorporating local products into daily life, thinking about our planet makes a whole difference. 

Why? Because we believe that what is handmade, on a small scale is much tastier, much prettier and much better than anything else. Because finding joy and making sustainable choices goes perfectly together. Because consuming locally goes well beyond buying a simple product, it's a lifestyle!

We want to help you discover local talents and make them accessible on a daily basis. But also to inspire you to surround yourself with what you enjoy, to design beautiful spaces, to find joy by creating simple, sweet and meaningful moments, everyday


lara osseiran

Hi, I'm Lara, owner of TasteBuds Boutique. A mom, communicator, lover of all things natural, beautiful and meaningful.

After 20+ years spent in the corporate world and following the birth of my first boy, I felt the need to do something with more meaning and have more balance. As I embarked on the journey of creating TasteBuds Boutique, I also found myself looking for more purpose in my life. I am happy being able to support artisans and small businesses through this platform but also working with what’s beautiful and sustainable, everyday. TasteBuds Boutique gave me the opportunity to share what I was passionate about with the world and encourage other like-minded women to take that step for themselves.

Thanks for stopping by! Lara xo


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