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About Us

About TasteBuds Boutique

TasteBuds Boutique is the story of two friends & mamas, passionate about good food, beautiful design and conscious living. But most importantly, their mission is to use their passions to make a difference.

TasteBuds Boutique curates a selection of quality gourmet and culinary art de vivre products made by local artisans and designers, and connects you to passionate creators throughout Canada.

Encouraging people to create positive environments and moments while consuming responsibly and ethically is at the heart of our mission. TasteBuds Boutique supports Canadian talent and makes them accessible to you so you can discover and enjoy products made with passion and care.

We aspire to inspire you by sharing our discoveries, ideas, recipes; and the stories of people who inspire us as well as the women and men behind the products we offer.

At TasteBuds Boutique, we care about what’s beautiful, about quality and simplicity with a touch of sophistication. We celebrate like-minded artisans, and together, we strive to enthuse you to create your own happy and sustainable lifestyle, every day.

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