What are the fees on TasteBuds Boutique?

There are no fees associated to listing your products on Tastebuds Boutique. We setup your artisan page and your products with your collaboration and promote your products to drive sales. Please contact us for more details.

What do I need to do to sell on  Tastebuds Boutique?

After approval of your request to sell on our platform and the finalization of the service agreement with TasteBuds Boutique, we work with you to setup all the details required to publish your products on the platform and get you setup with everything that is required. 

What can I sell on TasteBuds Boutique?

TasteBuds Boutique is a marketplace for local culinary artisans and designers. If your products are a fit with our brand and are related to the culinary world, then they can be sold through us.

How can I be payed?

TasteBuds Boutique will make payments to you once they have taken their commission fees. More details are agreed with you in the official agreement.