Cotton Dish Linen – The Montreal Melon Quelle Histoire
Quelle Histoire!

Cotton Dish Linen – The Montreal Melon

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The Montreal Melon cotton dish linen is made in Canada, with 100% premium cotton, 240 threads per square inch. The printing technique (screen printing) and the type of ink used ensure an integration of the image with the fibers of the fabric, in order to keep intact its absorbing qualities. This linen Quelle Histoire! is absorbent and resistant. It can also be used as a decoration in a frame and is perfect as a hostess, wedding or a client gift.

The history of the Montreal melon is fascinating. This melon can be traced as far back as 1684, but it enjoyed its true heyday at the beginning of the 20th century. Cultivated in what is known today as the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district, it was exported to the United States and served in the finest hotels on the East coast, where it was appreciated for its musky taste. A single slice would sell for the price of a steak. The fields where they grew were even watched by armed guards. The Québec Prime Minister would come every year to get his own melon, marked with his initials. Yet, growing the Montreal melon was labour intensive, and it ultimately disappeared in the 1950s when farmers opted for easier fruits to grow. After years of research, a Montreal journalist was able to find some seeds in a seed bank in Ohio. Some of these seeds were even given back to the decedents of the original farmers, who began to grow this melon again. The culture of the Montreal melon is slowly coming back to life in the province of Québec.

Artist/Graphic Designer: Daniel Robitaille, Paprika

Materials & Colours

100% Cotton Linen • 240 threads per inch. Sold with English translation.


Size of the linen: 43 x 75 cm | Size of the image: 29 x 39 cm.


Wash with light colours, do not bleach, tumble dry low.