Sük Chocolat Chaud

Sük Chocolat Chaud

Sük Chocolat Chaud

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

SÜK is the story of a girl who did not like coffee.

But she LOOOOOVED chocolate. Hot chocolate, it goes without saying... Every morning, at bedtime, a hot chocolate. Really! Who does not want to get out of bed knowing that the first thing that will be there on the breakfast table is chocolate?

But, realizing that finding good quality, affordable hot chocolate was mission impossible, she began to create the best hot chocolate in her kitchen to beautify her mornings.

Over the years and spicy experiments, Catherine slowly but surely developed delicate and rich flavours to enhance her morning drink. Listening only to her love for hot chocolate, and knowing that EVERYONE loves chocolate, she created the SÜK hot chocolate mixes.

Available in 5 flavours (dark, milk, spicy, chai and mocha), SÜK hot chocolates are made with the finest ingredients: dutch cocoa powder, Barry-Callebaut dark Belgian chocolate, organic cane sugar, and organic spices.

Hey... And the hot chocolate is not only for the morning ... It is perfect in the afternoon as well!


Catherine Durand_Sük Chocolat ChaudA strong voice in Quebec’s song arena for almost 20 years, Catherine Durand is a true artisan of the folk song.Catherine signs very early with Warner Music. Flou (1998) and Catherine Durand (2001) put her at the forefront of a new generation of songwriters to keep an eye on. "La Lune est au ciel" and "Peu importe" are at the top of the charts.

With Diaporama (2005), Catherine Durand, now a local songwriter, finds her voice. Directed by Michel Pépin, Jocelyn Tellier and Catherine, the album will be acclaimed by critics and nominated at ADISQ (contemporary folk album).

Cœurs migratoires (2008) digs the furrow of intimacy and refinement. Rewarded at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, twice nominated at the ADISQ (contemporary folk album), celebrated by the press and embraced by a loyal audience, the album consolidates 10 years of passionate work.

Sur Les murs blancs du Nord (2012), Catherine Durand surrounds herself with Jocelyn Tellier, Robbie Kuster and François Lafontaine, an all-star team. The album has been selected for the third time in a row in the "Album of the Year - Contemporary Folk" category at ADISQ.

Then follows La pluie entre nous in 2016 where director Émmanuel Éthier brings a new breath, modern and current to the voice of Catherine. Supported by Ariane Moffatt, Joe Grass, Jose Major, and Salome Leclerc, this new album marks a progression in the voice of Catherine Durand.

In 2017, Catherine decides to found her small company of hot chocolates, between two tours. That’s when SÜK was born ... But the music remains very present in the life of the artist, obviously.

2018 marks her 20 years of career. In addition to her career as a singer-songwriter, Catherine launches her small hot chocolate company in 2017, SÜK, since she’s also passionate about chocolate!