Passion Santé

 Passion Santé

Passion santé

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Passion Santé is a family business that exists since 2005.

As a healthy nutrition enthusiast, Dyane, the mother of the two current owners of Passion Santé, made her own tofu, bread and all kinds of healthy foods that could bring more nutritional value to family meals. This is how she raised her 4 children with a healthy diet, and that's what pushed her to invent a sprouter that also makes homemade tofu ...

The germination with the Passion Health sprouter is beautiful and delicious. Designed and manufactured in Quebec, everything is thought out with the least impact on the environment.

The company is a love story with health ...

It is now Caroline and Annie who are pursuing their mother's beautiful story and the goal is to transfer their love for health and sprouting with Passion Santé.


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Caroline is a massage therapist, aesthetician and still practices today. Through well-being and body care, she enjoys taking care of people. Her interests are diversified, whether for physical activities such as trapeze, yoga or climbing mountains or her love for rare instruments such as the Handpan ...She is passionate! She is interested in people and what they have to bring. 

Annie has been working in the art department for film sets for 15 years. This is an area she appreciates a lot because she uses her imagination and her more artistic side. She took 5 years in 2007 and decided to visit the world as a flight attendant. She discovered her love for communication with people, new enriching encounters and experiences that make her grow.

Curious and epicureans, the two sisters decided to continue the beautiful adventure of Passion Santé and take over the family business from their mother Dyane. It is therefore in 2018 that they decide to partner and take the reins of Passion Santé. Their rich journey will be used to develop the business. After all, they grew up in a closely knit family of 4 children where healthy eating was put forward and their mission now is to introduce it to others.

Dyane, meanwhile, continues to give sprouting courses.