Oomph Assaisonnement

 oomph assaisonnement

Saint-Constant, Quebec, Canada

The story of OOMPH seasonings began in the summer of 2015, while the future founder Nathalie, was full time at home for the very first time in her career following a job loss in a large company.

Alone with her two children, she decided to buy a popcorn machine to complement a rather rainy week by planning a movies / popcorn marathon. Her son offers her to add popcorn seasonings to the popcorn bought at a big grocery store.

On the other hand, when she the list of the ingredients of these products, she noticed that many of them contain substances unfamiliar to her. She decided to go looking for a more natural product that would contain no additives, dyes or hydrogenated oils. Knowing that all of these products can be potentially harmful to the health of her family in the long run, it was imperative for her to have a healthy and natural snack. It was out of the question to buy these "questionable" powders.

Then begins the search for the coveted product. After several hours of exploration on the Web, she came to the conclusion that she is in pursuit of a product that simply does not exist! (Or at least that does not exist on a large scale). That's when the spark popped up in her mind: she's going to make all-natural popcorn seasonings!

So, after making the following observations: the unexploited niche, her passion for the subject (natural food) and her great experience in marketing, she was conquered by the idea of ​​starting her own business.

His mission? Create 100% natural, original and quality popcorn seasonings! That's how the OOMPH popcorn seasonings came into being! Nearly a hundred recipes were made to obtain the most popular flavours from the surveyed clientele. The result is the first 6 flavours on the market: maple BBQ, pink salt, spicy cajun, apple pie, ranch and vegan maple BBQ.

You can rest assured, by purchasing the OOMPH seasonings, that you are offering an original, 100% natural product, using quality ingredients that we all would not hesitate to offer to all our friends and family.


Oomph assaisonnement - Nathalie BombardierNathalie is a mother of two great teenagers and has been married for more than 30 years with her husband Martin, who comes from a very large family. As a result, she was used to hosting often and in large numbers, so she began to cook "in large quantities" at a very young age. Always do everything yourself and never buy anything; this has always been very important to her.

It is after a course taken without much thought in college that she discovers the exciting world of marketing and so she decided to move into this branch that will allow her to be creative.

In search of different ways of doing and seeing things, she experimented in various fields and even created some inventions. She is the kind of person who loves white pages and gives birth to new projects from scratch. It's actually her "think outside of the box" that feeds her in all her projects.

That is why, after her job loss in 2015, she could not bring herself to repress her entrepreneurial and creative side and the path to entrepreneurship was very clear for her. It was only a question of finding THE right idea that would stand out from the lot! Her 25 years of marketing experience and her desire to create led her to develop many popcorn seasoning recipes and create a fantastic brand for OOMPH seasonings.

Since the beginning of the OOMPH adventure, Nathalie is now really in her element and is passionate about the development of her company and its products.

Who knows where this will lead her?