Nos Cabanes

Nos Cabanes

Nos Cabanes

Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada

Nos Cabanes brings out the richness of our local syrups while celebrating their diversity. Each comes from a distinct territory, with a story and a character all its own.

The sugar water that flows just about everywhere in Quebec’s agricultural lands is one of our most important natural resources. Discovering the diversity of our maple groves, we realized that there is not just one but thousands of maple syrups in Quebec. Each has its own story, its own territory, and its own unique character. Bottled in a beautiful unique bottle, Nos Cabanes brings out the richness of local syrups while celebrating their sources and differences.


Nos Cabanes Claudie BrassardEntrepreneurship often springs from an idea that comes up in the midst of everyday life. This happened to be the case for Claudie Brassard, a communications professional with more than 25 years of experience working in marketing for large companies. Like many entrepreneurs, it was after years of corporate work that Claudie felt the desire to start up her own business and projects.

A snowshoe hike along the edge of a lake was what first sparked the Québécois enterprise NOS CABANES, with its objective of bottling all the best locally produced syrups to in turn highlight each of their distinct flavours. From there, the company mission was formed: to celebrate the richness of maple syrup in all its varieties, colours and origins. “My work is not only to bottle syrup—it’s above all to bottle a story,” is how Claudie puts it, who oversaw the development of the brand and birth of the company.

In tandem with founding NOS CABANES, Claudie launched, alongside three other businesswomen, a whole new food concept in Saint-Bruno. In November 2016, the idea of Markina Comptoir Gourmand became a reality. Both a restaurant and a boutique, Markina is a warm and welcoming space for the community: ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat, and ready-to-host.

Claudie is also a shareholder of the well-known artisanal bakery L’Amour du Pain. Here, she has had the chance to get involved with many operational and strategic aspects of a business that has as its mission spreading joy in the everyday.

But things are far from stopping there. NOS CABANES will soon add more syrups to its roster and, to the happiness of the French, is now available in several boutiques selling maple syrup across France.