MTL Jerky

MTL Jerky

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Their mantra is simple: Take jerky back. For too long, jerky has been “hijacked” by the junk food category and it’s time THEY do something about it. They found an opportunity to provide a high protein, low fat snack for those who want to pursue an active lifestyle as well as those who simply want to spoil themselves with a healthy, good tasting snack without having to worry about the ingredients. Introducing The People’s Beef. 100% Canadian. Lean and high in protein. Hand cut. Small Batch. Wet Cured. Dried to perfection. Jerky the way it was meant to be. Come join the revolution!


MTL Jerky_Alex Halasz

Alex was born and raised in Montreal, in a loving home with Hungarian roots, with two loving parents that would do anything to see him succeed. He had a great career as an engineer, travelling across the country, from the Northwest Territories all the way to Northern Quebec, working on unique, one of a kind projects in places that people could only dream of. Everything seemed great, at least on paper. 

His inspiration began far before he knew it would involve making jerky for a living. It happened when Thunder, pictured above and now his Chief of Security, part time taste tester and most importantly, his best friend, entered his life. The bond that was ignited between them from the moment they first met would surpass any that he had experienced with anyone else before. He was in a happy place. 

He would continue working as engineer for 2 years after adopting Thunder, until he suffered a major burnout and had to take a leave of absence. However, this would open the door to therapy, which would eventually lead him to start making jerky as a hobby, to take his mind off things. 

When it came time to return to work, the anxiety was palpable, he knew something had to change. Making jerky had quickly become a passion and having his best bud by his side made it even better. So, he quit his job and MTL Jerky was born, and he hasn’t looked back since. At the very least, his wish is that this story has given you hope and inspiration to follow your dreams and do what you love. We only have a limited amount of time on this beautiful planet and we never know when our time will be up, better make the best use of it.