Mike's BBQ Rub

Mike's BBQ Rub
Mike's BBQ Rub
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The idea behind Mike’s BBQ rub all started back in 2015 on a sunny Sunday afternoon gathering with friends and family. On this day, Michael had decided that he would BBQ some good old chicken and ribs for everyone in attendance. Michael really wanted to spice things up when it came to his rub (no pun intended), and therefore he decided to once again, try out something different for his guests.

Michael went into the kitchen cabinet and began mixing up different types of spices such as chili, paprika, garlic, onion, salt & pepper to name a few. Once his dry rub was all set, the next step was adding some olive oil, good old maple syrup, and finally applying his newly concocted spice rub onto the meats to see how it would all taste.

Let’s just say things picked up from there! Everyone present at the BBQ thought that the dry rub was incredible, and asked to know what brand was used, as they wanted to purchase it themselves. Imagine the shock and pleasant surprise, when he let them all know it was his own newly created blend. Thus, Mike’s BBQ Rub was born.

After extensive research, he was able to find out some interesting facts, especially regarding the term “dry rub”. This culinary concept is very popular in parts of the USA such as Kansas City & Memphis. There is more than just salt and pepper when it comes to a dry rub in these parts of the country, as they are very big on combining sweet & spicy flavours such as brown sugar, cayenne pepper and much more.

Once his research was complete, and with newfound knowledge about dry rubs, Michael was able to continue working on and perfecting the blend of his own rub that he first began working on in 2015. Along the way, Michael tested variations of his recipe on family and friends.

Alas, the journey of creating Mike’s BBQ Rub was quite a lengthy and delicious one, in that there were several taste tests involving different spices and foods. In retrospect, every step of this journey has been worth it, as Michael has finally created the perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

Mike’s BBQ Rub is great on any type of meat, fish, vegetables and even popcorn! And don’t be fooled… just because the name says Mike’s BBQ Rub doesn’t mean that this product can only be used for barbequing purposes! It goes perfectly on any type of food whether it is cooked using the BBQ, oven or slow cooker. You can literally use Mike’s BBQ Rub on anything!


Mike's BBQ rubMichael grew up as one of the youngest kids in a big Italian family in the Montreal suburb of Rivière-des-Prairies, where Sunday lunches were a weekly ritual not to be missed. His grandparents on his father’s side, born in Italy, came to Montreal in the 1980s and opened up a few old school traditional grocery stores, as well as a pizzeria.

His grandparents on his mother’s side, who were both born in Canada, taught Michael about the most important values when it comes to being a true Canadian: a love for hockey and maple syrup. Michael was, and continues to be, very passionate about sports – especially hockey and his favourite team, the Montreal Canadiens.

Michael spent his formative years eating well, and learning great culinary secrets from the very best, his mother. He has always had a love for food and enjoys getting creative in the kitchen. This fact has always been especially exciting for his girlfriend, now wife, who relished in the many decadent years of testing all of his innovative kitchen concoctions.

What is wonderful about Michael’s passion for cooking is that he enjoys making more than just traditional Italian dishes. Michael has often hosted gatherings of family and friends where he has been able to create different dishes that show his appreciation for all types of different cuisines. Specifically, during the summer months in Montreal, he likes finding different ways to showcase some good old southern comfort food like chicken & ribs!