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La Lichée

La lichée caramels
La Lichée
Québec, Quebec, Canada
First and foremost, La Lichée is a project started by 3 young entrepreneurs who wanted to make you fall in love with caramel again. They wanted to refresh the market and they had everything in their pocket to do so; an old grandmother’s recipe, a strong visual and a delicious product. They then simply put together these elements, and that’s how La Lichée was born. They are a young local business that supports other start-up businesses, eco-responsibility, design and innovation.


La Lichée Karl_Samuel_Dominic

La Lichée was created by 3 guys, Karl, Samuel and Dominic, who did not evolve in the same field but had the same interest for coffee, art, design and gastronomy. Individually, they complete each other so well and that’s the beauty of their team.

Fun fact: still today, one of the partners’ granny is making her same old caramel recipe in their store in L’Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec City.

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