Joun Initiative

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Joun Initiative
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Their mission is to support the local community and encourage its young generation to remain in the village and participate in its development.
They strive to create new markets for the authentic products of the village, creating workshops and diverse projects starting with the agricultural field, cultural and urban development, tourism.....etc.


Joun_Mazen ChamseddinePassing on the spirit of the village in your plates!

Everything started from the earliest childhood of Mazen, creator of the brand Joun. In love with his native village, Joun, in Lebanon, Mazen discovers olive, grape and almond picking. He evolved in a world rich in flavours, bathed in a flamboyant nature and alongside a passion for the soil and the artistic intoxication that emerges from his village.

Mazen has forged strong roots, which will one day give birth to the deep desire to communicate to the whole world this original beauty. Joun is a local development initiative that aims to transmit the wealth of the know-how and share the taste of local produce. The proposed products are named after this village, Joun.