dulcebee beeswax wraps

dulcebee beeswax wraps

Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada

Dulcebee is a company that specializes in natural and ecological products made with Beeswax and natural materials. The owner of Dulcebee always had an interest for natural products but that interest grew even bigger when her daughter was born.

With the love for beeswax, she started to make some research to create recipes and high quality products for an everyday use. This is how Dulcebee became alive in November 2017. The goal of the company is for you to be able to understand the ingredients and to know exactly what you are using. Simplicity and transparency is their priority.


violetta jaramillo - dulcebee beeswax wraps

Violetta is a perfectionist, nature lover, Earth lover. She worked in sales for a while but when she learned that she was having a baby she knew she wanted to stay at home with her kids. So this is when the brainstorming started and this is when she had the idea for Dulcebee. An all-natural products company, where we can understand the ingredients and know exactly what we are using. Mixed with her love for bees and everything they do, she started to make the research and learn more and more to develop the perfect recipes for her products. Her goal was to be the most ecological possible. Her favourite quote is “ We do not inherit Earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children.” By Leopold Sedar Senghorn. This is what her Mantra is and that’s the direction she is taking with Dulcebee. Hoping that one day it will be her kids that will take over.