Dimanche Matin

dimanche matin

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dimanche matin

Crabtree, Quebec, Canada

Dimanche Matin is a Quebec based company that specializes in the art of slow mornings. The products offered by the company were created with the aim of integrating the sweetness of a Sunday morning, in all your mornings.

Dimanche Matin offers an original range of fruity spreads, that integrate in all kinds of mornings.

For an even more zen and cozy atmosphere, Dimanche Matin also offers a range of candles made of organic soy wax (which burn about 50 hours each and which are not harmful to the health), a range of textiles (cushions, placemats & aprons) and vegan hand balms. All products are made in Quebec.

The meticulous choice of ingredients and eco-friendly picks are at the heart of the company's values. The waste that stems from the production of spreads is composted.

As much as possible, the company buys locally. Berries and pumpkins come from Lanaudière, apples from Rougemont, herbs from the garden or from local Quebec companies. Lemon juice is always freshly squeezed in the shop for each recipe.

Dimanche Matin is like your cozy mornings, your long, sweet mornings, your eyes half awake. It's the comfort of your favourite knitwear. It's the sun in your gray morning.

Dimanche Matin is perfect for a brunch with girls, a romantic dinner, a picnic with flowers. It also slips into your lunch, your happy hour or late night cravings, you might be surprised! Dimanche Matin brings a touch of simplicity and exoticism to your everyday life, so that every day is "Easy like Sunday morning".


Annie-claude dimanche matin

There is luck and chance in all this.
In setting up this local business.

There's the colourful life of Edward Bloom from Big Fish that she always envied. That of Benjamin Button who always made her dream, and that of Frank Abagnale Jr. in Catch me if you can who inspired her. It is perhaps these characters who made her study film at the University of Montreal, then sent her to work in the clouds.

Despite the beauty of the sky, it was finally in the kitchens of the Lanaudière countryside that she landed.

It is therefore nobly, from the bottom of her heart and doing the best that she can, that she carefully concocts local quality products, to introduce in your mornings "The art of the slow mornings".

Because her happiness is to see people with a sweet tooth, with their mouth full of jam and a smile on their face, it's to see that what she does in life, becomes a little treat in yours. She commits myself to persevere and work hard so that this company remains always at its best.