dD Manba

Manba spicy peanut butter

dD Manba

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Canada's only spicy Haitian peanut butter, dD Manba is deliciously spicy and can be enjoyed as a spread on bread or in a recipe.

“Manba” is a Creole word for peanut butter. dD Manba contains only the highest quality peanuts imported from the US and Haiti. A little added organic cane sugar, salt, and spice makes Manba the classic hot Haitian peanut butter.

dD Manba was created with two goals in mind: to make unbelievably tasty hot Haitian peanut butter available to Canadians, and to support the Haitian peanut farmers and Haitian economy by importing peanuts from Haiti. dD Manba is the only peanut butter in Canada to include premium peanuts from Haiti.


Dd Manba_Jason_Stanley

Following a trip in 2014 volunteering to do humanitarian work in Haiti three years after the devastating earthquake, Jason and Stanley were seduced by the famous Creole cuisine, its rich delicious meals, made of fresh and natural ingredients.

However, they fell for the spicy peanut butter, called Mamba in Creole.

Back to Montreal 18 months later, dD Manba was born: a perfect blend of Creole spices and the highest quality peanuts. Enjoy!