A Spice Affair

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A spice affair

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

NutriVilla Foods is a manufacturer of spice blends with a strong focus on clean, gourmet, filler-free and high quality products. In 2018, the company was transformed into a certified world-class facility producing some of the trendiest, tastiest, and easy-to-use spice blends stemming from exotic, international and local cuisines. With its brand, A Spice Affair, NutriVilla is here to redefine the meaning of spices in your kitchen. Dare to fall in love?


a spice affair-aymanAyman joined the company in 2003 as a sales representative and worked his way up until 2009 where he took a leading role in the business. With a completely different vision and a strong passion for tasty, easy-to-use, clean spice blends, Ayman rebranded the company to NutriVilla foods and, using his marketing skills as well as acquired knowledge in the spice world, developed new products and brands that redefined the whole culture and philosophy of the business.

Ayman has two business partners, Kamal and Reem. Kamal, now retired, a civil engineer by profession, took over the family business in 1986 in Jordan until his immigration, with his family, to Canada in 1998 where he laid the business foundations for the next generation. That’s how he founded the Montreal-based business, Saifi Rano Enterprises, in 1999 as an import-export company with a focus on spices and ethnic products. The Saifi family has been in the bulk spice trade since the early 1900's transcending several generations and supplying customers in several countries around the world.

Spouse of Kamal Saifi, Reem helped found the business and is also an investor. An interior designer with a business administration certificate, she helped set the ground of the business in its earliest stages.