Seafood dinner

For lovers of seafood! Hosting a seafood dinner party is really fun, a delight and provides for a casual setting and great times with loved ones. Set it up outdoors and make your life even easier!

Ready to start organizing? Here are some ideas to get you going.

Choose your theme & colours!

Think of something easy and nice to setup the table. What colour do you like? What type of servewear you prefer? Make sure you pick something that fits well outdoors.

We’ve chosen here aluminum buckets and dishes with red and white accents.

Sparkling wine

Think of your drinks

White, rosé or bubbles go very well with seafood. Pick a drink to kick off the party and then switch to your favourite wine.



The menu

Keep it simple! This is an outdoors, casual and layed back dinner. So, no need to complicate things. Think of an appetizer, one or three types of seafood dishes as well as one or two side dishes.

Our suggestions here


  • Bacon wrapped peached on the grill
  • Lime cilantro oyster

Bacon wrapped peaches

cilantro lemon oysters

Main dishes

  • Lobster with herbs mayonnaise
  • Grilled shrimps & scallops with aioli butter

lobster with herbs mayonnaise

Grilled shrimps & scallops in aioli butter

Side dishes

  • Grilled veggies
  • Boiled sweet corn
  • Lamb’s lettuce salad with hearts of palm, marinated mushrooms, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes

corn on the cob


That’s it! It’s all done, now you just enjoy and savour the flavours!

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