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Meet Eleni from Sucre Etc.


Sucre Etc.


Sucre Etc

Eleni from Sucre Etc on 
International Women's Day

How long have you been in business?

1.5 years

What was the trigger that made your start your business?

My passion for anything sweet!

What motivates you to wake up every day?
My clients

If there is one sentence that defines you, what would that be?

“I AM enough, and no one can claim otherwise”

                Sucre Etc Sucre Etc

What defines/characterises you as a woman?

Strong, ambitious, and making my way through that glass ceiling.

Who is your role model/inspiration, and why?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Margaret Fuller, any woman who stands up, and my mom.

What does international Women’s Day mean to you?

A day when we can celebrate all women; and hopefully soon, we won’t need a day on the calendar to remind us of it.

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