Choosing your coffee - specialty or commercial?


According to the Coffee Association of Canada, coffee and tap water are the most commonly consumed beverages with coffee leading the way.

Two thirds of adult Canadians enjoy at least one cup of coffee a day with the average at 3.2 cups/day.

So imagine the power we have on an entire industry!

Coffee is not only a drink, it’s a lifestyle, and nothing equals a quality cup of coffee!

specialty coffee

But what is really a quality coffee?

Quality coffee is found in specialty coffee, and involves many people in the lifecycle of a coffee bean; where everyone’s work is based on high standards of excellence and quality. This is what makes specialty coffee unique and different.

So, specialty coffee, also called third wave coffee, refers to the whole process: from how the coffee is produced, harvested, roasted, and even drank. Not only does specialty coffee taste better, but it is also more sustainable and fair for everyone involved in the process.

Specialty coffee is usually grown in select altitudes and climates, for several years before the first harvest. The cherry is often handpicked at its peak of ripeness before it is passed along to the next stage in the lifecycle, to buyers who seek quality and recognize the importance of supporting the local coffee community and families. 

So then, like a sommelier, the green coffee buyer evaluates the coffee through multiple cuppings (the tasting of brewed coffee) to give it a grade and tasting notes.

specialty coffeeThen comes in the roaster who is trained in roasting the beans with the highest standard of quality to give it its final flavour. This step is also crucial as the beans are lightly roasted with extreme precision.

Then comes in the barista, when we’re buying coffee from a local coffee shop. The barista is well versed in brewing methods and the origin of the beans so they work their magic to bring out the best flavours for you to enjoy. However, you could also be the barista when you buy coffee and make it at home!

Which brings us to the consumer, who completes the coffee lifecycle. Last but not least, we as consumers are one of the most important elements as we decide to choose quality over anything else when we choose specialty coffee. But not only quality of taste and flavours for the experience we enjoy, but a commitment to ensuring a higher quality of living for everyone involved in the coffee process, and a more sustainable approach to coffee and the industry as a whole. 

third wave coffee

Recipe ideas you can make with specialty coffee:

Kaito and 94 Celcius micro roasters have added 3 new coffees lately, from 3 different countries :

Honduras - José Anaen Rivera - 94 Celcius

Ethiopia - Bensa Segera - Kaito

Colombia - San Vivente - Kaito

Lots of delicious aromas to try!

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