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The year has begun and I am happy to be able to start it with you and my cooking trip. I have the happiness and luck today to talk to you about a wonderful local company, with young Quebecers motivated to do things differently to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

I chose to highlight the Namaste tea from Self Premium Tea, a company located in Saint-Hyacinthe.

With this organic herbal tea without artificial flavour, you can savour first with the eyes. The ingredients are simply beautiful to look at: mint, cinnamon sticks, hibiscus, liquorice root, ginger, fennel, orange peel, cloves, chamomile, pink pepper and cardamom. The naturopath in me would tell you that all these ingredients have an added value for your health. And with this long list, you are sure to work on many levels!

Namaste organic tea

On the culinary side, not only the visual is wonderful, but what about the smell! I would be curious to know which ingredient will tickle your nostrils the first time. Let me know, through my email!

In terms of flavours, as mentioned at the beginning of my article, I feel like traveling with you and taking you on a culinary trip, but that’s not all ....

Starting the year for me is like opening a new book, with blank pages with my acquired potential. But also my potential to discover, still latent, and welcome, amplify, improve as life put things on my path. Surely, a rich life and full of learning of all kinds.

I am always in an etheric and evolutionary approach, in regards to the simplicity and the purity in my ideas, my choices, my speech and my actions. One of my favorite phrases is The least for the most. 

That's why for this first article, I decided not to add a recipe to discover this tasty beverage. Everything is there, the combinations of the mix, the organic, the local company and the simplicity in the preparation.

And what about the colour that gently intertwines with hot water! 

If you read my articles, first of all thank you. You must have noticed that my last article of the year was related to the red colour, associated with anchoring, stability and rooting.

We start the year in the same way, with this fiery red-pink colour delicately offered by this tea.

namaste tea red colour

Did you know that everything starts from this colour in the chakras?

Everything evolves, improves, and makes you walk towards the best, starting from the base, that is the red that directs towards the chakra root. It is through this first circle that everything begins like a pebble that you throw into the water and which circles around this rock.

When you are anchored, stable, nothing and nobody can destabilize you. You are at peace and serene, assured, with that unshakable faith in you that will always make you look upward, toward the light like a tree. And it's wonderful, but I can assure you that it works constantly because each day has its own set of challenges that often brings us back to working on this basis!

Speaking of trees precisely, and to make the link with our walk. This morning, I went to walk in the forest like many times in my week.

In MY forest, I get excited and honour what I am, it's my space where time stops. This abundant nature is an open book that tells so many beautiful stories if we linger!

Self Premium Tea namaste organic tea

Why am I talking to you about this walk?

Because the product I chose to talk to you about has a strong link with this walk. This herbal tea is called Namaste. If you do not know it yet, Namaste means I greet the divine who is in you.

At every step, when I walk and find myself in the middle of nature, that's what I do, I greet consciously the divine that comes before my eyes. And in doing so, I also pay tribute because we are an integral part of this Nature. 

There is nothing more nourishing in observing nature than knowing that what I find beautiful and marveling is in me too!

Returning from this walk, with -18c well felt, I was filled with the glitter of the sun on the snow, the enchanting silence, the sound of my footsteps in the snow, the biting cold on my cheeks, bliss thanks to the panorama that changes every day.

In short, when I returned, I knew that my ticket would be a nice entry for my 2019 culinary menu!

Namaste herbal tea is comforting, warm and full of the flavour of the divine that is in each of us. 

Self Premium Tea organic namaste tea

Delight in this potion as often as possible, it will allow you to sow in you and around you this essential message that’ll make you advance with power on its way.
Never forget the divine in you!

Happy tasting, Namaste <3

Karine Verpillot


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