Celebrating Spring with a slice of culinary life!


March is really a month when light becomes essential to allow us to keep going and end the winter season in a harmonious way. Nature does things well!

This is the period where days are longer; where we hear birds sing their refreshing melody, reminding ourselves that we’re on the right way! Spring is coming peacefully but inevitably.

Enchanted with this perspective, I wanted to guide you this time through my culinary journey and the art of living, to experience the exponential joy, latent but already visible thanks to Nature. We are starting to see the buds emerge, the warmer temperature warms our face, and we can remove a layer of clothing or at least leave our coat open a little longer to reveal a little skin.

Do you feel your wings spreading quietly and the energy rush imminent?

Karine verpillot naturopatheAs a naturopath, I would say that Spring is conducive to inside and outside cleansing, to enhance vitality with kindness and gentleness. Allow and offer your body a quiet awakening after winter’s slow period. I would also say that the least for the most is always wiser and nourishing in everything you do. My recipe, straight out of my imagination and always full of love, combines all these notions.

And that's what I propose with only 3 ingredients (I’m not counting the bread which serves as my plate). It's always inspiring to understand that the best recipes are are simple and with the fewest possible ingredients helping us enjoy every flavour.

As a transmitter of light for a conscious and fulfilled for life AND health, I’m also offering you three essential colours.

avocado butter-recipeFirst, green, reminding us open-mindedness, communication and awakening both towards ourselves and the world, helping us open the sleeping portal of our body and mind. And communicate, re-feel and revive everything. 

Then yellow, to honour the joy of living and rekindle the echo of your laughter that resonates with the song of birds. Use them to amplify your energy and your passion! Welcome and let this life force that’s reborn vibrate! 

Finally, brown, to encourage this rebirth, with a centered and anchored base to propel upwards. In order to reach the Spring sky, and assimilate all the good things as reserves to redistribute when you need them the most, optimize your new energy for the coming months, and let the person that you are radiate bu uniting these colours!

As a culinary expert, a gourmet, healthy cook with vegetal touch, and a creative recipe blogger who creates pro-local culinary content and art of living, the special ingredient I chose for this post, and that was my source of inspiration is the avocado, one of my favourite ingredients. And more precisely the avocado butter made by Dans les petits pots.

avocado butter dans les petits potsThis company uses reusable glass jars, like me, and that makes me happy. Their products are also made with fresh, preservative-free, low-sugar and gluten-free ingredients.It is a vegan product, with few ingredients, artisanal, locally made and so unctuous!

The cherry on the sundae or rather the cherry in the jar, is that Dans les petits pots follows the seasons and gets supplies as much as possible, with the season’s products from Quebec.

recipe avocado buttert

My magic recipe:

  • 2 tbsp. avocado butter Dans les petits pots (little plus, their avocado butter contains maple syrup and lemon juice)
  • 1 pear, half ripe
  • 1 tbsp. cocoa
  • 1 slice of bread (here it's my homemade chia and poppy seeds bread)

My culinary ritual:

  • Spread your avocado butter on the slice of bread of your choice.
  • Add the pear cut into thin slices.
  • Sprinkle with cocoa, and admire the beauty of your work.
  • Feel all the work behind each ingredient, and the vibratory process activated thanks to you and your attentive presence during the preparation!

And you can be grateful because:

It's easy, it tastes good, it’s healthy AND gourmet. For more flavour, I encourage you to have a glass of almond or coconut milk with it. Remember, a good recipe does not necessarily require a lot of ingredients.

avocado butter- pear-cocoa-recipeBenefit? The simpler it is, the more pleasant it will be to redo, and to add variations according to your mood, your inspiration or what you have left in the fridge. It will also be so rewarding to be able to pass YOUR recipe around you for your loved ones to savour. For me, it is success guaranteed on many levels. What do you think?

After this precious tasting moment, you will know that Spring is here, because you have tasted it! Anchored, happy and energized to appreciate the promises to come.

We'll talk again next month, with another of my culinary discoveries to live and enjoy. In the meantime, enjoy each moment as if tomorrow did not exist. It's the key to everything. 

With excitement,

Karine Verpillot


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