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February is a month under the sign of love, and as it is part of my mission to spread love every day, for once, I felt like going with the flow and sowing with delight, this beautiful, powerful and constructive vibration.

As I say often and as often as I can, do not celebrate only in February! Rather, amplify this collective and unifying movement.

specialty coffee guatemala

This transmission of love allows me to present to you this month a product of great quality, enormously consumed, comforting, powerful, tasty, with antioxidant and energizing virtues.

Did you guess what I'm talking about?

specialty coffee 94 celciusCoffee! And more specifically from 94 Celcius micro-roaster, a Quebec company that is committed to making you discover specialty coffees, responsible and artisanal, with this fruit grown by passionate people. 

If you are like me, I voluntarily favour quality versus quantity. With 94 Celcius, sourcing is direct, and you have the opportunity to savour it in several cafés in Montreal. This company goes even further with this inspiring concept, contributing to the comfort but also to the emancipation of women producers from different countries who grow this brown gold in small quantities.

Hence the assurance of having a superior product, without the craziness of productivity at all cost!

Highlighting these women, presenting their treasure, and roasting it to obtain the best and the most representative of their harvest, that’s a way to illuminate the workforce! Recognizing the talent and having the desire to share it, that’s completely the lifestyle of VGtables with Simplicity Health Flavour. This company intrigued me too, I must say, because it has the will to transmit through emotion. And I love that! By allowing us to discover exceptional coffees from different countries and adding the ethical side, it was enough to convince me to try it.

specialty coffee 94 celciusWhen opening the package, the first aroma that I felt was the almond, what will yours be?

In terms of taste, the power of cola with a fine back of grape really surprised me. I did not think we could detect these notes.

February is completely in this state destabilizing and full of drunkenness. Do not you think that love is a mix of all sorts of emotions?

To merge with this mission, in turn, I’m sharing a recipe concocted with my 3 Mantra words: Simplicity, Health, Flavours. I’m proposing my pearls of emotions to warm your heart, your soul and your taste buds. The product offered by 94 Celcius honours and greatly values ​​my recipe, with all the fantastic emotional, ethical, historical, and conscious baggage behind their business.

In this month of February, it can be difficult to get up, to have energy due to the huge differences in temperature this year, and to be surrounded by people who are sick and in a bad mood. I wanted to send you some light and strength to allow you to nourish your body but also your mind. And yes, you can give some to both the grumpy and those who are not, offering them in turn, a beautiful pearl of emotion. Success guaranteed! 

specialty coffee 94 celcius

The colours of this recipe speak of Earth with the coffee beans and thus anchoring again, and courage with orange. As I often repeat, everything starts from the base, and the red, the brown are potentials for this notion that everything is built from the bottom, associated with the root chakra.

This culinary preparation makes me think of the anchoring of these women who cultivate and want to feed and create themselves with the fruit of their labour, in their respective countries. I admire and emphasize the courage by the orange colour, their willingness to move forward despite the difficulties and the work that is required.

For me, it's a great way to honour their actions and the voluntary choice of 94 Celcius to go in that direction. So here is my meagre contribution to share and feel all the strength behind this product.

energy balls with specialty coffee 94 celcius

Beads of emotions (about 25)



  1. In a blender, pour the juice of the two oranges, the cooled coffee, the dates, the hemp seeds and the zests.
  2. Mix everything until you get a wet dough.
  3. You just have to create balls the size of a walnut.
  4. No need to squeeze hard, as it is wet, you just have to make balls.
  5. Arrange in a dish and refrigerate until tasting or even better freeze them, and take them out in the morning before going to work. They will be at the right temperature when you are ready to enjoy them. And it will be a nice nutritious snack, which will allow you to vary, and bring you a little push during afternoon cravings! 

I hope that this blog propels you positively, brings you the energy you need to stay centered, and the courage to experience the flow of emotions you can feel every moment, every day, every month, whether at home, at work, or in any other environment that might make you react. Don’t we say, we women, are balls of emotions? So, you are well served and equipped with this recipe. 

See you next month for another inspiring culinary adventure.

Karine Verpillot

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