Picnic with style


Summer is always a time to do things differently, get out of routine, have fun and take it easy.

It’s always an occasion to gather with friends, take time with your significant other or family, all around a good meal.

picnic in style

And picnic is one of the ways to eat differently, in a different setting, a different menu.

Going on a picnic does not mean you have to leave behind the nice summer table settings and fancy menus. A picnic with style is feasible and very easy to do.

So, forget about sandwiches and disposable plates, set up your picnic for memorable moments! So, what are your next steps?

Decide whom you want to spend time with

Is it friends? Family? Couple outing?

Make sure you book your agenda and theirs, note down the things each person likes to inspire you with your menu ideas.

Find the ideal location

Setting is everything! If you are to take time and enjoy, your have to like the setting around you. It can be very simple, from a nice spot in your backyard, to a park, an orchard, a beach, a rooftop or any other beautiful location. To inspire you, we’ve chosen our picnic setting in a lavender field… gorgeous location, beautiful scenery with the scent of lavender all around. But Canada is packed with breathtaking nature and beautiful urban spots, so it is quite easy to find a place you like.

lavender field

Think of the menu

Now that you’ve set your date and place, it’s time to think of the menu. Go back to the ideas you jotted down and the things each person likes. Are you more a salad person? More cheese? More hors d’oeuvre? No matter your preference, think of variety and of freshness.

salad in mason jar

It’s all about the visual

Ok, so it’s time to make everything look pretty. Remember, the taste is about exploring the 5 senses, and the first one being the eyes. So, take out your mason jars, your presenting wood, reusable plates, summery napkins and anything else that goes with your picnic’s style. Here are a few suggestions from our latest picnic to inspire you.

picnic in style

Don’t forget your glass of wine, beer, or any other drink that you like. You’re all set, all you need if a sunny day, a good mood & some inspiration. Enjoy your summer! 

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