Pickles & preserves


This fall, we prepared a bunch of preserves that we will be enjoying all winter. Here’s what we did and the way to go about it!

pickles & preserves

Time: 2 hours | Yield: 12 jars


pickles & preserves
  1. Determine how many jars you will be using, this is important to know the volume of water and vinegar to use.
  2. After you get the volume of the jars, mix water and vinegar with a 1 to 2 ratio – 1 unit of water for 2 units of vinegar. For example, if your jars’ volume is 6 liters, you will need 2 liters of water and 4 of vinegar.
  3. Mix the water and vinegar and bring it to boil.
  4. When the mix starts boiling, add coarse salt and mix well.
  5. To know the correct amount of salt, put an egg in the water and vinegar container.
  6. Keep adding and mixing well – to dissolve the salt – until the egg floats. You will reach the right amount of salt when the egg starts to float.
  7. Put your jars in hot water for 5 minutes – to disinfect.  
  8. Dry the jars.
  9. Put your vegetables in the jars.
  10. Pour the water and vinegar mix and seal.
  11. Keep the jars closed for 30-60 days before serving, in a dry place.
  12. When opened, the jar should be kept in the fridge.
pickles & preserves

For 12 jars, we used 2kg of small cucumbers, 3 green, 3 red and 3 yellow bell peppers, 1/3 bag of carrots and a small cauliflower.

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