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"Every artist must evolve from what he has been taught to what he can call his own true style. Hap Hagood

Mezari floral cotton napkins

For anyone who’s been following our journey, you’ve seen the work of Stephanie Coleman, the artist behind Mezari.

Mezari has been with us since our very beginnings, creating unique pieces for the table and the kitchen, from her art. Forward to where we are today, Mezari has evolved her art and found what she really loves in the process of creation that sets her apart.

That’s why, she has changed her brand and created new pieces that are simply beautiful, refined and timeless.

We’ve asked Stephanie why she decided to make this change and what it is all about. So, read on and enjoy discovering her work! 

What changed in your brand and why?

In 2017 when I first started out, I was still testing ideas and materials. I come from a fine art background and I love to experiment! I'm inspired by everything from abstract art, to the human body, to the urban environment, to plants and animals. It seemed a bit scattered and random. I finally realized the thread that ties everything together is my interest in 18th and 19th century wallpaper and textile patterns, and my tendency to “hide” contemporary quirky things inside patterns that look traditional at first glance. My Toile de Ville print could pass for an antique; it's not until you look closely that you recognize the depanneur! Same with my Snip Floral; at first glance it looks like a 19th century British print, but when you look closely you see a hand with scissors cutting the flowers and berries. 

When I understood this more clearly, I felt it was time for Mezari to rebrand, putting these influences in the forefront. I kind of Marie Kondo'd my brand, taking away what was unnecessary, and highlighting what's most interesting. I wanted my logo and graphic design to reflect this shift. 

Your product also changed, what did? What features do the new material have?

mezari botanical napkins

I work closely with a company in the UK – it's a husband and wife team from India that imports fair trade organic cotton from small farms. They developed a new fabric for tea towels and it's really great. It's super absorbent and wrinkles less when you take it out of the dryer. I also found when I iron, it responds really well to the heat and looks very crisp. It washes like a dream and gets softer over time, like linen. I'm really happy with the quality! 

For my floral napkins I'm also using a new fair trade organic fabric from a great company based out of Vancouver. They specialize in a non-bleach whitening process that's derived from banana fibres. Amazing, right? I love the texture and weight of these fabrics, they wash well and proudly show the natural nubbly feeling of organic cotton that's less processed. 

You created a new floral line, do you have ideas of table settings with this?

My new floral line is really versatile – it can be styled for both formal or casual table settings. 

It looks great with Maceramique tracé line, the patterns complement each other. Adding brass or gold finish flatware in a minimal silhouette feels contemporary. 

It would also look great on an outdoor table with rattan sous plats – mixing textures works really well. I think a mustard or indigo table runner would be a great accent to the setting. Terra cotta, ochres, and sage green are also perfect with this collection. 

mezari cotton napkins 

Mezari’s work has been featured lately on HGTV Canada through an interview made with blogger Carrie MacPherson who runs the Eat Drink & be Carrie blog.

Get some inspiration right from HGTV:

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