“Let the food be the medicine!”


I could not have said it better than Hippocrates! This quote had a big impact on me when I started my studies in nutrition. For the Nutrition Month 2018, we discover the power of food on our health. Without nutrition, there is no health. Without health, there is no productivity! And I'm talking about productivity in all aspects of our lives...

Nutrition Month 2018

Calories? Great!

Food gives us the calories that fuel our bodies and our daily lives. So calories are our friends and we need them! But it's not just a matter of quantity, the quality of our food is also important. A food or a nutrient alone is not responsible for our health: it is a team work with other foods and nutrients, and the frequency of consumption thereof. The more foods and nutrients are consumed in large quantities and/or frequency, the more they affect our long-term health, that's logical!

More than just energy

In addition to being useful for our daily survival, foods have the power to reverse diseases, optimize our body composition and appearance, and, among other things, increase our sense of well-being! The properties to search for and integrate most often are:

  • Freshness
  • Whole grains
  • Local
  • Organics
  • Variety
  • Plant > Animal based

Eating gathers!

Nutrition Month 2018As part of Nutrition Month, we are also highlighting how food has a unifying power: family meals, events, business meetings, etc. Eating brings a connection between the individuals who participate. There is a behavioural and psychological aspect to this phenomenon. Sharing food increases our vulnerability and openness!

What power do foods have on your health? Do you use their full potential? I invite you to share your comments and experiences!

By Claudine Lariviere
Dietitian & Human Productivity Strategist

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