Creating your microclimate with white bean & tofu dip, one food at a time


Till April's dead, change not a thread!

Because I’m rebellious, and because everything evolves if we always stop doing what others do, I decided to concoct a Mediterranean style summer recipe that will not only allow you to feast but also to bring warmth to you and around you.

And, that will allow you to remove some threads. Promise!

Till April's dead, change not a thread!

My product this time is the haskap and more specifically the wild balsamic haskap vinegar from Camerises Mistouk, located in the Saguenay Lac-St-Jean.

This company from Quebec offers healthy products, GMO-free, preservatives-free, without additives and they are certified Aliments du Québec.

haskap balsamic vinegarDid you know that haskap is a small berry produced in Quebec, rich in antioxidants and with a succulent flavour. Its purple colour is beautiful, and the sweet, slightly tart flavour will convince you. Something to discover!

For April, I wanted to combine the white and purple dotted with colourful notes to plunge us towards sunny lands. As if the evocation and the visualisation of these multiple nuances were transmitted and well present, here and now. Pure magic!

My colour palette inspiration for my recipe is white, purple red and a rainbow of colours! Let's be crazy and full of joy!

The white still appeases me and I like this shade that illuminates every corner for the person who wears it. For me, white represents purity, peace and a sacred space where love is omnipresent. I integrate it with soft tofu and white beans.

camerises mistouk haskap balsamic vinegarThe purple red stimulates me, anchors me. This is both my starting point in everything (if you follow me you know what I am talking about, otherwise I invite you to take a look at my previous articles). It is with this luminous colour and all its holistic power that one can build and rise. Then, you will understand why I include it practically in each of my culinary experiences, but also in my daily life. It is thanks to this condiment, the wild balsamic haskap vinegar, that I offer you this constructive and essential notion. To amplify this idea, we are talking about a boreal, nordic and natural product. In short, vinegar rooted in earth.

The rainbow of colours is because I wanted to introduce and open a door not on Spring but on continuity and evolution, towards warmer and warmer weather. More animated, more stimulating towards which we are moving.

So gratitude, for all that we can savour already, just by sprinkling some easily available ingredients. We are lucky to be able to discover and receive all this abundance each day and in different ways, right? So why not thank and pay tribute, creating inspired recipes, full of taste, meaning and good vibrations. Becoming aware of this will make your recipe even more delicious and loaded with a power you do not necessarily suspect, that impacts at every bite.

camerises mistouk haskap balsamic vinegarReady to cook surrounded by sunshine, joy and tantalizing smells?
Here is my dip with white beans and tofu.


  • 1 tin of drained white beans
  • 1 half block of soft tofu
  • Crunchy Vegetables of your choice cut into slices or sticks (here I took zucchini, raw green beans, cherry tomatoes, carrots)
  • 1 dash of wild balsamic haskap vinegar
  • 1 dash of sesame oil
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 green shallot cut into slices
  • 1 tbsp. of Budwig cream seed mix


  1. In the blender, grind the beans, tofu, green shallots, garlic, sesame oil.
  2. After obtaining a dip consistency, place in a deep bowl and add the vinegar by mixing gently. Finish with the Budwig cream mix.
  3. Serve with all the raw vegetables of your choice, and some crackers.

You do not have to put tofu, but it's a great way to try it and your dip will be more nutritious! 

camerises mistouk haskap balsamic vinegarYou just have to put a nice tablecloth, light a few candles, put some music on, why not Joe Dassin! And simply, drop and settle with the chef's suggestion, a refreshing glass of sparkling thyme & lemon water.

Enjoy the moment, and repeat often. The sun is here with you, never doubt it.

Happiness is simple, so is creating every moment, if you believe it.

Yours, Karine!


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