Cooking with children: 8 good reasons to do it


Cooking with your children is not always easy, but this activity is so rich in learning that it is really worth trying! Of course, it takes a little longer: you have to explain, be patient and let them have the time to experiment with gestures, to go at their own pace, to accept when they do some mess (that we can also do ourselves, right?). But looking at it closely, it is possible to involve them punctually and gradually, while respecting the capacities of each one. Especially so when you know how cooking with your children is beneficial!

cooking with kids 

8 good reasons to do it!

  1. By cooking, they learn about food recommendations that would otherwise remain abstract, read in pamphlets or heard of as part of "the ambient noise". They build a whole directory of food markers that they will keep all their lives: even if the teenage period will probably shake all this with a thirst to brave traditions and prohibitions, and a marked appetite for junk food, they will resume to habits acquired when they were younger.

child cutting basil

  1. Scientific studies confirm this: involving children in preparing meals from an early age arouses their curiosity and their interest in new flavours, new foods: after they have touched, peeled, shed... they naturally have more desire to taste the final result.

  1. It is also a way to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem: no child wouldn’t be proud to present the fruit salad that they have made themselves.
  1. Cooking with children also means allowing them to develop their autonomy and sense of organization. Like when they learn to walk, write, read; one day, they are able to do all this on their own. Nice source of satisfaction for parents too, isn’t it? 

kids cooking pizza

  1. At first sight, we may not realize it, but cooking is an excellent activity to put into practice the notions learned at school: to read a recipe, to broaden their vocabulary, to follow "instructions", weigh or measure food, make conversions when you decide to double, triple... portions. Besides, who did not have to solve a problem with apples, sweets or pieces of cake in school?
  1. Cooking with our children also means transmitting family traditions. Whether they come from our country of origin or from our country of adoption, what a satisfaction to know that Grand-Mother’s pie, Aunt Leïla’s couscous or your favourite recipe will live across time and generations...
  1. It is a fabulous moment of complicity, of sharing that allows us to nurture our parent / child relationship. You know… these little bubbles of happiness that place us in small cocoons conducive to sharing confidences...

family cooking

  1. Finally, it is a great opportunity to awaken and develop their social responsibility: by cooking with children, it is easy to tackle subjects such as waste, diversity and cultural differences, responsible farming and fishing, organic...

80% of children would like to cook more*: discover tips from parents who have started. 

* Study “Tout le monde à table”, September 2011.

By Karine Pezé - 1, 2, cuisine!

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