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Hubert Cormier nutritionnisteA few weeks ago, Hubert made us discover his career path, his philosophy on nutrition and his vision on buying local.

An inspiring person, Hubert has been a nutritionist for almost 8 years, and has just completed a Ph.D. in nutrition to further his research on the role of genetic factors in regards to eating and how they interact with food.

How did he choose nutrition? By pure chance! His adventure began while doing his first internship in communication, that he adored. "I loved it and since then I have never stopped. I am exactly where I want to be and I love my job. It absolutely combines all my passions: science, photography, writing, not to mention cooking!"

An excellent communicator, Hubert has the pleasure of combining his scientific studies in nutrition and his love for language, which led him to write several books and make this his profession. His books are for anyone who wants to eat better and find original tips and advice. "When I create, I'm inspired by trends, and each time, I come up with a surprising concept. As I give a huge importance to the visual of each of my books, I’m 100% invested to develop something remarkable. The photos and illustrations come from local artists with whom I really enjoy collaborating. "

He has also published one of his books in English, Yogurt Every Day, devoted to yogurt, which is wonderful because of the quality of its photographs and its culinary style. The English publication came to fruition when the publishers at Appetite by Random House fell in love with the book as they were looking for a book to publish on yogurt. "They had a real crush on this one! Then a German translation was done! Who knows where my book will travel in the next few years!"

And that's not all! Hubert will soon be launching a new book. Can you tell us a little about it?

Hubert Cormier nutritionnisteMy love for language has pushed me to write 5 books so far and my new book will be published in February. The title really reflects my position as a nutritionist: Oui, tout est permis - Positiver son alimentation, se motiver et passer à l'action (Yes, everything is allowed – a positive outlook on food, getting motivated and taking action). I discuss the concepts of pleasure, satisfaction and the importance of having a global vision of one's diet and one's health. It is necessary to forget what’s forbidden and rather add possibilities! This truly inspiring and motivating book focuses on the positive aspects and on adopting a proactive language to talk about our relationship with food. In short, I am really proud of it and I hope that its reading will be beneficial for many.

With the PhD he just finished, he specialized in nutrigenomics. Why this specialization? "It was one of the themes that was most popular when choosing my doctoral subject. It was new and it put me completely out of my comfort zone since it is a theme little or not at all addressed at the bachelor level. In short, a beautiful challenge that is perfect for me!". Given that he does not do consultations, Hubert uses this specialization when giving lectures for the general public. "There are more and more genetic tests on the market, I inform people about the existence of such tests and the reasons that can motivate an individual to get them."

That said, here is a brief overview of his opinions, his favourites and his habits.

We often talk about healthy eating, well-being, balance ... What is your opinion on this and how to combine all these elements when we live sometimes at a fairly fast pace?

My point of view is very simple: you have to see the balance over the week or the month, rather than seeing it as a daily task or even at each meal ... Balance cannot be counted in terms of calories and number of grams of fat in your dessert, but rather encompasses everything in your life: physical activity, relaxation, sleep, diet, frequency of meals eaten outside, stress level, hobbies, etc. You also feel a lot less guilty when you look at the overall picture.

You are the recipient of the Raymond Blais Medal of the Université Laval Foundation in recognition of your remarkable career. What does this medal mean to you?

It's the culmination of a lot of work. In fact, I set myself the goal of obtaining this distinction awarded by the Université Laval Foundation before I turned 30! It's as if I'm closing the loop on this period of time as a student, and it gives me all the necessary motivation to start my professional life with strength. It's really a nice reward. In addition, Laval University recently added me to its list of influential graduates, which is a great pride for me. 

You are known to be foodie, what can’t you resist?

I really love chocolate and everything related to it. Otherwise, I also love fruit salad! I can not resist a bowl of fruit salad, especially if it surprises me by the combination of ingredients (with dragon fruit, sea buckthorn or lychees, it's wonderful!). I also like to add a hint of Grand Marnier!

Your favorite coffee?

I'm lucky to have an amazing Italian coffee machine at home, so my favourite coffee is mine! I prepare a cappuccino every morning. Otherwise, as I am self-employed, I love to explore all the independent cafes from the third wave. You can probably bump into me at the Mayflower or Cantook in Quebec City, in the different Saint-Henri cafes in Quebec City and Montreal, and at the September, Crew, Paquebot, Café 8oz or Monopole in the city.

Your favourite recipe?

Very hard to say, because I really like everything, but I have a big big weakness for stuffed pasta that remind me of beautiful moments spent in Italy or even dumplings (although, if you think about it, my two choices are similar shape, but with very different flavours!)

What inspires you?

Travelling! I learn a lot during my travels and I always do cooking classes. I love above all to visit grocery stores in different countries to immerse myself in their culture. 

Your opinion on the local buying?

A priority. I do business with local suppliers and artists for my various projects. I go to the market to get my fruits and vegetables and I am also subscribed to an organic basket service during the summer season. Every action counts and it is altogether that we will get things moving.

Does buying locally affect eating better?

Not so much in my opinion. Even if I buy local as often as possible, I supplement with other foods and spices for example. I could not do without avocados or exotic fruits, so I could not be 100% local in my purchases. However, I try to make it a priority, but again, you just have to have a nice balance.

You have created eco-friendly products (your reusable bags), what importance do you give to this aspect? Why?

I used to throw away so many plastic bags or snack bags. One day, a friend told me to create a collection of reusable bags. Why not? I already had my transactional platform to make online sales so I developed my range of products that also allow you to stop focusing on portions. Indeed, a bag of the type "raw veggies" or "fruits" was designed to contain 2 portions of food. Design was important too. I find them all pretty and many people have confessed to eating a lot more fruits and vegetables since their purchase! I started with 5 models and now you can find 13 different models of all sizes and colours!

Hubert has picked his favourites from TasteBuds Boutique to create a gift basket. Check out his favourite picks.

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