Cocoa-Beets Potion to Stop Time


Yes, December is well under way! Everything is going fast, and it is essential, even vital, to find moments to decompress and stop.

Does this seem to be a mission impossible?

This month, I concocted a sweet comforting drink with just 4 ingredients that are easy to find. It will be an excellent excuse to stop the machine and savour this delicious potion alone or accompanied.

I’m proposing something better than a cocktail or a hot chocolate ... A two in one!

A comforting drink resembling traditional mulled wine. Intrigued?

You may or may not know that my specialty is to combine food, colour and spirituality. Feed oneself to create oneself with Karine is to use above all cooking AND food, as a support to unite, soften and illuminate one's daily life with seeds of happiness connected around the sharing, creativity, conscience, unity, and what’s sacred.

That's why in each article, I talk about colours associated with food or products that I find. This allows you to go further than cooking. It's much stronger and deeper. To be aware of it is really to be in connection with everything, and to feel a product far beyond what it tastes.

Cocoa & beets cocktail syrupIn this recipe, the red colour is in the spotlight and in the theme of course, with a local product that’s simply addictive!

The red brings anchor, root, to better live the hazards of life, when everything moves and you have to be strong when things go too fast.That’s the Cocoa & Beet syrup from Les Charlatans. A 100% natural, artisanal syrup made with fresh ingredients, no preservatives, no colouring, no additives.

This product combines an infusion of cocoa nibs and beetroot, creating a sweet combination with a pleasant aftertaste of cocoa really attractive in the mouth.

For your information, the cocoa nib is the radiance of roasted and crushed cocoa beans.

I added cashew milk, a plant-based milk, which adds white to the preparation. White is peace, serenity, sweetness, and also pretty snowflakes that fall gently.

My third ingredient is a mixture of powdered spices, which can be found ready made, to our greatest happiness. Ginger, allspice, cinnamon, coriander, mustard, bay leaves, cloves and black pepper. Nothing less in one bottle!

The smell will already evoke a lot of things, like the biscuits in the shape of a gingerbread man or Grandma’s meat pie. This is the secret ingredient of this recipe!

Cocoa & beets cocktail syrup

Finally, as we are certainly in a festive and chilly period, I wanted to offer you a revisited recipe that’s different from mulled wine. Brown rum is my last ingredient! 

Have you noticed that the last two ingredients are still a reminder of the Earth, anchoring with the warm brown colour? This drink will undoubtedly be a recipe to redo as soon as you feel lost, submerged, or completely overwhelmed by events. We stop time and we just drop, like a snowflake.

Cocoa & beets potion syrup

As it is notorious that we all run after this famous time, even Charles Aznavour with his magnificent and so relevant song Hier encore also confirms it. I invite you to live the moment, and let yourself be lulled by the sweetness of doing nothing with this soft drink like satin.

For your potion, you will need:

Ingredients (for 2)

  • 2 cups unsweetened cashew milk
  • ½ teaspoon mixed spices
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa & beets syrup
  • 1 tablespoon brown rum of your choice


  1. Heat the milk in a pot.
  2. As soon as it is hot, turn off the heat and add the spices, the syrup and finish with the rum.
  3. Mix well with a whisk.
  4. To be served in a big vintage mug or your favourite mug! 

Tip to optimize everything:

Taste it watching the snow fall, with a little velvety jazz, or a seductive melody of Henri Salvador, wrapped (e) like an Egg roll in a comfortable cover.

I will end this article by wishing you breaks like this one OFTEN, wrapped in a lot of love starting with yourself, and of course by sharing around you. 

A joy to meet you in 2019, with other local discoveries, to my greatest pleasure!



By Karine Verpillot – Vgtables

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