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Porto de Galinhas Brazil
Porto de Galinhas - Brazil


To celebrate this important day, we decided to share some photos of places we visited and where we found nature to be of extraordinary beauty!

Purmamarca, North East - Argentina
Purmamarca, North East - Argentina

Raouche - Beirut Lebanon
Raouche, Beirut - Lebanon

Not only do we want to inspire you and make you dream, but above all, we collectively want to remind ourselves of the importance of preserving these places and taking care of earth.

nstituto Inhotim, Brumadinho - Brazil

Instituto Inhotim, Brumadinho - Brazil
Knowlton, Quebec - Canada
Knowlton, Quebec - Canada
Salt Desert, The Andes - Argentina
Salt Desert, The Andes - Argentina

Do you also have favourite places where nature is simply beautiful? Share them to celebrate this day by publishing them on your social networks and tagging us @tastebudsboutique.

Grand Canyon, Arizona - United States

Grand Canyon, Arizona - United States

Admiring beautiful photos is not enough though; we can only contribute to making a change when we do a concrete gesture! So here are some easy reminders to do in order to help preserve nature:

  1. Turn the lights off and unplug appliances when not in use. This is quite basic, but we often forget to do it.
  2. Spend the day walking, biking or taking public transportation – make today a NO CAR day.
  3. Plant a tree. You have some landscaping to do? Buy a tree and plant it in your garden. Involve children if possible to raise awareness.
  4. Start home composting. If you don’t already do it, it is very easy to do. Use it as soil fertilizer for your garden or your plants
  5. Find a 2nd life for bottles. Spend time with kids doing a recycled bird feeder from a plastic or carton bottle.
  6. Recyclable bags. Do not forget to always keep some with you to avoid using the plastic bags.

Happy Earth Day!

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