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Who has not already sought a local experience when traveling?

We have always done that. Be it cultural, artistic, artisanal, culinary or other, we like to live authentically when we travel. We try to discover local music, to make cultural visits, to learn about history, habits and traditions, to buy locally made objects, and to try the small family restaurants to soak into the real flavours of the country. In this blog, we will focus on culinary products.

In fact, we do not even need to go too far to seek out local products. We often find ourselves in some parts of Quebec for a day or a weekend, and here we are looking for local products that we taste locally and often bring back with us. Often times, we are amazed by the quality, flavours, research for taste and the multitude of existing products that are not found in grocery stores in general, which often led us to wonder why?!

Why such good products are not available when they are made in the province itself? Surely, as with anything else, people must to want it. And to want it, the products must be known. It’s kind of a question of the egg or the chicken, which one comes first? Unfortunately, it's not so simple...

Everyone’s responsibility

As we worked on starting a food business, all this led us to wonder what we can do to help. Initially, our business project was focused on local ingredients and ugly vegetables to reduce waste. After careful consideration, we felt we wanted to create an impact on many things we consider important with our project. That’s how we found ourselves changing directions a little bit to expand the reach of TasteBuds Boutique to what it currently is: an online culinary marketplace where artisans and buyers connect together to buy, sell and discover food and related products, made locally.


buying local

Indeed, we have a big role to play in local buying. After all, we make choices every day. In recent years, we certainly saw a big trend in terms of local buying, and like any trend, people ride the wave.

Nevertheless, when you become aware of the real impact, local buying takes on its full meaning and becomes a conscious, calculated, sought after action and much more than a trend. To do this, people must also be able to access these local products easily and live a rewarding experience. After all, beyond responsibility, there is also satisfaction.

This is where artisans must, in turn, be creative to make their products available and attractive, as well as offer a customer experience rich in flavours, colours and quality.

That's why we have created TasteBuds Boutique, enabling us to combine several elements that are dear to us: the well-being of people, the environment and the women and men who, like us all of us, are trying to create their story.

TasteBuds Boutique hopes to offer you a place of encounters, exchanges and discoveries.

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