5 advantages to cooking


For me, cooking, preparing meals is obvious: it is probably a way of transmitting my love to the people around me. I was lucky to have a fantastic grandmother who passed on her knowledge and know-how (amongst other things...).

5 advantages to cooking 

Certainly, preparing your own meals requires a little more time than opening a cooked meal bought at the grocery store and putting it in the oven. But cooking is so much more advantageous, in many ways!

  • Keep control of what you put in the meals: of course, by often cooking "raw" fresh or frozen products, I find additives and preservatives less frequently in my plate. A good point when we known that certain food additives are responsible for autoimmune diseases. As for fats, salt, spices... I use them according to my taste and my desires.
  • Please the foodies: have you ever noticed how your guests are delighted when they know that the meal they had was prepared by you?
  • Save money: cooking is cheaper than going to a restaurant or buying take-out... Think of the leftovers you can use for the children's lunch box or that you can enjoy on a different evening during the week... And the more you cook unprocessed products, the more you save: see the demonstration of Le Nutritionniste urbain!!
  • Adapt meals to your desires: want to taste this Bolognese sauce with olives? Want to add Provence herbs to the pork ribs? Want to replace chicken with tofu? Your choices are limited only to the ingredients you have in the closet or in the fridge.
  • Allow our children to have enriching experiences: mimicry is extremely powerful. By watching you cook, or even better, by cooking with you, your children experiment, without even realizing it, a multitude of things that go far beyond knowing how to cook pasta or peel carrots: organization, autonomy, creativity, spontaneity... and that’s without counting the fabulous moments of sharing that you experience during your time together...

So, ready to take action?

By Karine Pezé - 1, 2, 3... Je cuisine!

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